Cordaroy, You got plugged !

Come down to Cordaroy every Sunday for Eats and Beats at Cordaroy, 1943 Cornwall ave in the heart of kitsalino Vancouver Bc for the best Jamaican food, music & drinks in town!


Red Bull, You got plugged!

Welcome back to Vancouver Red Bull I remember the 2006 flugtag event at science world that was strait up Awsome! Now 2008 September 07 Red Bulls back with the 2008 Vancouver Red Bull Soap box races. I’ve never seen them but after red bulls last event I’m sure this will be a free show you won’t wanta miss! Not to mention free Red Bull & cute red bull babes.

What a great trailer from the August 2006 Red Bull flugtag event held at False Creek Vancouver. I personally found it to be the best free city event of the summer of 2006.

To be continued……..

Spectacle Eyeworks, You got plugged !

This plugging is one I feel passionate about!
The creator & owner of Spectacle Eyeworks Mehran Baghaie is not just the owner of Spectacle Eyeworks the most unique & classic premium eye wear in Vancouver. Mehran is an outstanding gentle man & loving father. Mehran always puts his original ideas into new designs which he creates through his passion & love for eyewear which breaks into a diverse market from funky designs, to sophisticated classy new looks. If you are looking for a new look & want to stand out in a crowd come down to any of these eye glass stores & ask for the Spectacle Eyeworks line.

Spectacle Eyeworks Eye Glass lines

Scorpion Anthology, six venomous new additions to their exclusive house collection. Inspired by his own Scorpio zodiac sign, Mehran Baghaie, surpasses his reputation for the daring and eccentric with these new designs. The ornate, intricate temples are indicative of Scorpions and the front of each frame is multi-dimensional. In order to diversify the look even more, an interchangeable temple is offered that incorporates a patent-pending concept. “I feel exceptionally passionate about these creations. The incorporate fashion, technology, and innovation, not to mention an unspoken statement!” Mehran exclaims. “and they are striking and eye-catching from every angle because of the three dimensional nature of each style”. Each remarkable frame is available in six rich, matte metallic colors including black, mocha, mauve, green, blue, and red

Pussy Galore, adapted from the popular styles of the 1950’s, features pronounced cat eye shapes, in three-layered laminated plastic. The collection consists of six styles in an array of sizzling colors. A new generation of PG’s has been created, exposing a softer side for the more refined glam-girl out there. All five matte metal styles are undeniably feminine complete with coordinating pearl and rhinestone embellishments.

Brow Meister’s characteristic thick brow pieces and rich, earthy colors give it a truly distinguishing look. There are nine stainless-steel frame styles and ten color combinations to choose from.
The Brow Meister collection has now evolved into something even more striking. Thicker, more intense lines paired with smooth, rich colors complete the look for even the most discerning consumer.

Coca Cola, You got plugged!

This plugs is a funny one obviously Coca Cola needs no help with its marketing but I thought I would do this one just for fun. Here’s the story behind this product plugging.. We where out today at my Uncle Bills annual fish fry when my girlfriend asked me to get her a drink. I go inside the house and look inside there fridge & find nothing to drink but Coca Cola & Beer. Personally the beer looked better to me but I decided to grab 3 Cokes. By the time I got back there where 3 cokes on the table & my girl laughed and said sorry Dave your too late your mom had 3 cokes in her purse. I laughed & then out of no where my grandma pulls out 3 cans of coke & says anyone want a coke. We all start laughing & crack open a can of coke. Mine was ice cold & i drank it with the same enjoyment an ice cold beer gives me. Not a big fan of pop but coke was my just for fun plug of the week. I do have to say I like coke better than Pepsi. Coke this plugs for you!

Bentley Images, You got plugged

Check out our photos from Bentley images

Just received an outstanding package of couples photos from Bentley Images & was so thrilled with them I decided to plug his company Bentley Images.
This plugging is a little more personal my Photographer friend John is one diverse artist & business man. I know him for about 8 years now & have to say he is on of the more successful guys I know. He goes in to a business & gets right to the top. In the past few years he’s started Sky pix , Bentley Images & still continues to run all his other companies with only one partner. His latest photography companies, which he mans solo are sky pics & Bentley images. Sky pix is such a great Idea I plan to save it for a plugging in the near future. Today I only want to introduce to you Bentley images which specializes in Commercial quality Real estate photography, animal photography, portraits, engagement & wedding & can shoot any and all requested jobs. Bentley Images is an up and coming company & in 5 years with be a house hold name. This photographer is so diverse his work in aerial photography is just as valuable and incredible as his work in wedding photography. John shoots his photography against the beautiful landscapes of Vancouver British Columbia. He captures the essence of any person, couple, animal, or downtown condo perfectly. John’s experience with wedding, real estate, aerial and animal photography is invaluable. If you are ever looking for a photographer Bentley Images is the perfect choice.

Monster Coffee drinks, You got plugged!

Monster you’ve really out did yourself now! How can any other energy drink compete! Monster energy drink has just launched its new line of alcohol flavored drinks here is what where think about this new Monster energy drink..
The Irish Cream was the very first Monster Java drink I tried it was love at first sight! Monster Java has created the next generation of coffee / Java drinks. Monster started out as a top notch energy drink & now Monster Java has hit the markets! Watch out Rock star! I really liked the Rock star coffee drinks but their 2 flavors which are overly sweet. Has no chance against the 6 new monster Java coffee drinks. Monster will be the leader in this new style of alcohol favored can O’ Javas & Rockstar its time to go back to the drawing board & we will say thank you come again don’t weeze the juice! When I feel like an iced coffee drink my money is on Monster Java. This new line of monster java is so new I bet my blog post will make it too the first page of google. He he he…. Monster Java, Monster Java, Monster Java the gods of coffee drinks have opened the gates to coffee drinking heaven & the lights from heaven have delivered a new 21 century line of alcohol flavored coffee drinks to bless our tired bodies with Java from heaven. I’m going to buy in bulk so when all the stores run out the monster java inventory runs thin. You can e-mail me & buy them directly from my storage locker filled to the ceiling of all 6 flavors of this premium monster java line.

Monster Java coming to a store near you!

Ikea, You got plugged!

Here’s my story we woke up late & ended up going to the Richmond Ikea to pick up some supplies for or new office & studio. Right away I was excited when I saw the sign for $3.99 swedish meat balls! We walk in the entrance & right away find a perfect for the office frosted glass table with four chairs for only $49.00. Ok frosted glass top with four nice chair only $49.00 regular $100.00 Then the meat balls ohh my god! Heavenly , half a piece of BBq chicken only $2.50 extra.
We went back shopping after eating half the food on the Ikea menu & ending up finding everything we needed on sale. I can’t count how many time I said jokingly .. Start the car! Start the car! After watching & loving this Ikea commercial clip on Tv. I had such a good trip to Ikea I just had to share it with everyone! Watch this clip & you’ll see what feeling I had today shopping at Ikea.

I just had to run back for some swedish chocolates, frozen meat balls & a few other naughty fast food items which I will not mention. He he he waking up early & will be back at ikea for breakfast!